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       Dongguan Yuyang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is a large adhesive manufacturer integrating R & D, production and marketing. Its main products are PU adhesive, EVA emulsion adhesive, acrylic acid emulsion adhesive, PUR moisture reactive adhesive, water bridging agent, PU bridging agent, waterborne glue auxiliaries (tackifier, defoamer, mildew proof agent, yellowing resistant), etc. the products are widely used. It is widely used in shoe material, clothing, luggage, automobile, underwear, outdoor products, sports products and other textile fabric composite industries. Yuyang's sales network is all over the country, and its products are exported to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries and regions.

Environmental friendly water-based adhesive is always accompanied by health. Yuyang takes environmental protection and beautification as its own responsibility, and is committed to providing consumers with more professional, more environmental friendly, more healthy and more assured adhesive products.
Good virtue and good fortune, peace and prosperity. Yuyang will be pragmatic attitude, innovative spirit, professional service, sincere and you form a closer business partners, create brilliant.
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